25 Things I Love About Autumn

So those closest to me will know that is coming up to my most favourite time of year.
Since I was a young girl I have always been captivated by Autumn.

There is something really magical about the autumnal months that I just adore. I love Halloween & I love the lead up to Christmas.

For me, Autumn consists of cosy nights in, Harry Potter marathons, Halloween nights, old countryside pubs & red wine next to a log fire.


When I was in Florida back in September of 2014, I loved how massive ‘fall’ is celebrated. The atmosphere is amazing out in America at this time of year.

Halloween is HUGE in the states & I can not wait to spend another autumnal break in the USA again – maybe New York, New England & Salem Massachusetts where they filmed Hocus Pocus (LOVE that film!) is a no brainer!

Given that I am such an Autumn freak, I thought I would share with you how I prepare our home for the cosier months.

There will be a series of Autumnal themed posts to include my favourite Autumn Recipes, favourite Autumn scented Candles & Interior & Fashion & Style Autumn Wishlists.

So I wanted to start the above series of posts by sharing 25 reasons why I love Autumn & why you need to be just as excited as me for this season…


1. Those gorgeous loose knitted jumpers & cardigans, cashmere gorgeous! Don’t know what the weather is doing? Layer up with one of these. My go-to solution for those kinds of days where you just don’t know if it is warm or cold & whichever way the day will go, you know your guaranteed for a change up at some point!

I love layering these jumpers over chic camisoles or lacy lingerie tops. They look gorgeous & effortless when worn off the shoulder to show any lace detailing. Plus they go with anything – tuck them into a skirt or wear them with a pair of jeans…


2. These boots are made for walking…
Boots! Chelsea boots, knee high boots, suede boots – we love a boot. It gets to September & my suede Dukes Chelsea Boots come out to play & all of a sudden I feel at home.


Again – they are perfect for this transitional time of year. Wear them with tights & a skirt, jeans or a dress & you will always look chic. I love mine with ripped jeans or dress them up for an evening. They are warm & they look gorgeous…a win win!


3. Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHAAANG! Okay so you know it is Autumn when Starbucks bring out their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Is there anything better?


Me & my bestie love nothing more than a shopping trip to Canterbury followed by an Autumnal Pumpkin Spice Latte stop off. It’s the best. Occasionally we may pop over to The Buttermarket near the cathedral for a Rioja but shhh 😉

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4. All of a sudden you choosing a Nail Varnish colour becomes an easy decision. Burgandy, Deep Red, Plum or Browns & Nudes?


That’s your autumn nail colour palette sorted & it’s the best. My favourite Autumn shades feature amazing colours by Essie & OPI which I will feature in a Autumn Beauty Must-Haves/Favourites post within this series.

5. Plum lipsticks.

eaa6c9399a1587fb0dce9d7250b84582Suddenly it is even more normal to wear these gorgeous shades, all day every day, transforming us into majestic, autumnal beauties that look like we have just stumbled out of a Pinterest autumn style inspo board! Again, i’ll share my favourites with you soon!

6. Candles. Candles everywhere. Autumn Candles are the BEST!


I personally never need an excuse to burn a candle but when it is 30 degrees outside it doesn’t quite create the same atmosphere.


Candles feature massively in my Autumnal decor! Yankee candles always release an Autumn collection which is always exciting. This range combines with their Halloween collection is a must! I’ll be combining my favourite Autumn Candles in a full post within my Autumnal Series so stay tuned candle lovers!


7. Halloween. Halloween is amazing. I love Halloween. It’s magical & atmospheric & I love being scared because I am a total adrenaline junkie freak. I love nothing more than decorating the house with freshly carved pumpkins, holding amazing Halloween Parties & getting dressed up. Last year I went as Little Red Riding Hood to a friends party & created a fab make up look using specialist latex & “blood”. I love getting cosy & watching scary films!


8. Comfort food. Stews, soups & roast dinners, Autumn is the start of those winter Roasts where it doesn’t need to be a Sunday as an excuse to have a Roast Dinner. There’s nothing better than going to an old, countryside pub on an Autumnal day & having a roast dinner by a log fire with a bottle of Merlot.


9. Stationary. Stationary EVERYWHERE. September is the new school year month which means stationary lovers have a field day. Paperchase is even more exciting than ever before & the smell of new books & paper fills the air. LOVE!


10. Football season kicks off! There is something lovely about watching the boys play football on a Sunday. Me & my girlfriend Sophie watch our boys play & then usually grab some cosy lunch in a country pub to warm up afterwards. It’s a Sunday tradition & it is the start of that Winter atmosphere where you know Christmas is around the corner!


11. The sun doesn’t act as an early alarm clock. You don’t have that unwelcoming beam of rays hit you in the face at 5am every morning. The world feels like it is waking up with you in Autumn & there seems to be peace in the air until you are ready to open your eyes!


12. Hot Water Bottles & Heated Blankets! Last Autumn my mother-in-law loaned me a heated blanket & it honestly is the best thing since sliced bread. There is nothing better than putting this on & jumping into a warm bed. The only down side is having to get out!


13. Long bubble baths. I don’t need Autumn as an excuse to have a bubble bath, we all know that, but there is something lovely about taking a long, luxurious bath combined with candles in Autumn when the weather outside is cold.


14. PJ’s. Autumn is the perfect excuse for new pyjamas. I love pjymamas more than most & probably own more pyjamas than I do normal clothes. There’s nothing better than getting into pj’s after a warm bath. Onesies are out in force & they are just so perfect for evenings on the sofa!


15.Bonfires & Fireworks. There is something magical about firework displays. The smell of bonfire night ignites nostalgic feelings & everyone knows the next event is the big C!

16. Christmas Adverts. They start to appear & the excitement starts to build.


17. Mulled wine. Hot alcohol? The best thing ever. YES PLEASE! I’ll take 10.


18. Mother Nature. Nature has a way of creating beautiful coloured landscapes in Autumn. Browns & golds are everywhere with red & orange leaves & woody cosy smells. All of a sudden, wet, damp & gloomy weather has never been so magical. The atmosphere is cosy, warm & spell binding.

e43f248257c7a9319b8f0412714a165d Nature is even more amazing than ever at this time of year. Even the rain fall smells different in Autumn. It’s magical & mysterious.

19. Woody walks. Getting wrapped up in knitwear & wellies & walking in the woods – the best.


20. Not feeling guilty about getting straight into your pj’s the moment you walk through the door everyday. It’s dark outside so it’s practically bedtime right?


21. No more Fake Tan missions! No longer does tanning become a huge task. Just your chest & arms & job done. You are not stood for 1/2 hour completely naked tanning every inch of your body in preparation for short playsuits, skirts & camisoles.


22. Fluffy socks. Out come slipper socks with fleecy lining that you can tuck your pj bottoms into – in your head you look like Cameron Diaz in ‘The Holiday’ but in real life you resemble a fluffy marshmallow.


23. Autumn gives you an extra hour. 1 whole extra hour to do whichever you please. Indulge in an extra hours sleep, a longer bubble bath or a cosy coffee date.

24. Online shopping…because it is too cold to go outside & why would you want to take off your onesie & slipper socks when it feels this good?


25. Slow Cooker season is here. This is the season where practically everything can be cooked in the slow cooker. I love a slow cooker & am not too ashamed to admit it. I leave dinner to cook whilst at work, by the time I arrive home all is ready & tastes as yummy as ever!

I’ll be sharing some of my favourite slow cooker & autumnal recipes within my Autumn Series.

Today is Friday & rain is forecast for thisevening which calls for a cosy night in with my Charlie, my 2 black witches cats & a good film…

With Love,

Hayley x

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