A Week of Lush: Bubble Bars

Okay so it is official…I probably have the best boyfriend in the entire universe!

If you read my previous blog post, ‘ A Week of Lush’, you will know that I was surprised with a Lush haul from Charlie when he came home from the Oxford Street branch with 7 bath bombs – 1 for each day of the week – & safe to say he has out done himself this week. After me fighting a cold & feeling run down & pretty ‘meh’, I received a text from him telling me not to get in the bath until he got home.

He then walked through the door, & the smell of Lush hit me before anything else. There he was, in all his gorgeousness, carrying the familiar paper bag full of goodies. He sat down & opened them one by one, excited to show me what he chose… – how did I get so lucky? (God I love him stupendous amounts!)

He had actually bought 7 Bubble Bars this time & my excitement was clear. In my previous post I said that I do prefer Bubble Bars in the sense that I love bubbles in my tub! I think Lush is amazing & I love ALL of their products regardless, but I am a fan of Bubble Bars in a BIG way.

So having this treat was just the best surprise.

MONDAY – Brightside Bubble Bar, £4.95

After having days of extreme sun & high temperatures, we were hit with rain & wind for a couple of days last week. So Charlie came home from work, surprised me with this Lush haul & ran me a bath – which was the perfect escape from the darkness outside. The first contender was Brightside – a fruit salad coloured bar of amazingness that smells just like Orangina & produces more bubbles than any bubble bath I have ever tried.


The water turns a lush coral orange & it was a tropical tub of heaven. I broke off 1/4 of the bar as I wanted to saviour every single bit for as long as possible & I couldn’t believe the effect just a 1/4 of this bubble bar had. Baring in mind I never, ever half any of my bombs or bars from Lush – I’m a ‘chuck it all in’ kinda girl, but wow, I was pleasantly surprised! So this beauty is going to last me a few baths – YAY!14404e6793a6692944f59fd5fab03463 The scent is super strong, orangey/tropical/sweet yumminess. The chunk I put in the bath didn’t completely melt away so I was left with a piece that I crumbled & rubbed into my skin – THE BEST. Despite looking like I had temporarily been completely tango’ed, this felt amazing. My skin was silky soft & it acted as a fab exfoliator before melting away into a buttery cream. So – if you ever have a floating piece of Lush left in the tub – wash with it – it’s amazing!

I will definitely be coming back for this bad boy. It’s a gorgeous product & one of my favourite pieces from Lush.

TUESDAY – Flowering Tea, Reusable Bubble Bar, £5.95 (Kitchen Exclusive)

Now this is the coolest bubble bar EVER! As soon as it came out of it’s paper bag, I knew it was going to be amazing.


This is described as a Bath Dunk & you are directed to run it under flowing water. You can re-use it but due to me being desperate to see what was inside the tea bag, I was too impatient & couldn’t wait! Once I held it under the running water, it turned the water milky & the amount of bubbles that were coming off of it was amazing considering there was no product in the water, but just water hitting it. I was so impressed. So that proved that you could easily re-use this again & again & again!


So my impatient self dunked the entire tea bag into the tub & let it swim around in the bubbles for a while. When I checked back on it, the warm water had melted a tiny hole in the tea bag to reveal beautiful blue corn flowers inside. As soon as the tea bag started to crumble the bubbles grew & grew & it wasn’t long before I was surrounded in milky bubbles & stunning blue flowers with a fragrance of neroli & rosewood.

If you love a brew, bubbles & flowers then this really is your cup of tea…



WEDNESDAY – The Comforter Bubble Bar, £4.95

If you are a regular to my blog, you will know that I LOVE this product. It is one of my most favourite Bath products by Lush & I absolutely adore it. The smell is amazing. The colours are amazing & it leaves your skin feeling & smelling AMAZING!


The fragrance combines bergamot & blackcurrant which produces a fruity foam of yumminess that feels refreshing yet relaxing at the same time.20106433_636293009910923_5475971240362406506_n Again, like the Supertramp & Brightside, this bar is supersized so you can crumble pieces off & make it last – but me being me, I just throw the whole thing in & bury myself in pink & white bubbles of cassis & bergamot.

It leaves you feeling & smelling wonderful. It is my go-to bath treat for days that have been worthy of a good relaxation. I just lock myself away in the bathroom, a glass of wine on the side, candles on & I am literally in Lush relaxation heaven! It’s like a mini spa day experience & the silky oil that absorbs into the skin is long lasting, so skin feels nourished & moisturised throughout the evening which for me is the cherry on top of the cake! I always know I’ll be in for a good night sleep after having one of these in my bath!

THURSDAY – Supertramp Bubble Bar, £4.95 (Kitchen Exclusive)

Now this gem is another favourite. It’s the same size & thickness as The Comforter, but with a real earthy, mossy scent. It features a combination of patchouli, sandalwood & ginger but I must say – i’m not a huge fan of the fragrance, but I love the formula it’s self. It produces beautiful thick bubbles & the colours are stunning. P7130047Combining peppermint green & baby pink, the pastel swirls look so pretty. I can imagine this mixed with the Guardians of the Forest Bath Bomb would actually be quite a treat. So all in all, I loved this baby. The colours, the bubbles – I would 100% purchase this again, regardless of the scent not being my most favourite, there’s not alot else not to love!

FRIDAY – The Modfather, £4.95

This looks super cool with the bullseye colours giving all the ‘Mod’ style vibes! This does look really funky & I can definitely say had I of been chossing this haul it would of come home with me! I was immediately intrigued by the boldness & contrasting colours. I did expect this to create quite a colourful bath but I was surprised to see that it didn’t quite melt & fizz like the others. It was quite hard & although there were bubbles, it wasn’t quite the same Lush Experience I am used to.

P7130043I have since seen that this has been removed from the website so maybe Lush have thrown the towel in with this one. I was a little bit puzzled with this. Yes it was bubbly. Yes it smelt nice. Yes it produced blue water – but something was missing. I wouldn’t purchase this again but with that being said, when I crumbled it in my hands & applied to my skin, as always my skin felt amazing afterwards, despite the fact I was the colour of a smurf!

SATURDAY – The Windmill, £6.95

How cool is this? (It does actually spin – yes I know – GENIUS) This is such an uplifting product. I would recommend using this in the morning or before going out. It combines lime, ginger & cypress oil & delivers a stunning, bright fragrance that feels really refreshing & energising. P7130039The bubbles are as fluffy as ever & that’s just from placing the windmill under running water! It is super moisturising as the formula includes macadamia nut oil & cocoa butter – 2 of my favourite skincare ingredients. Again, it is re-usable, which means you can enjoy this treat a fair few times! Another great bath had thanks to this treat!

SUNDAY – Karma, £4.50

Okay – so how cool is this product?! It’s like a pyramid of secrets! I love the deep purple with the hints of bright orange & the gold finish is just gorge! This is described as a ‘hippie’ favourite – & seeing as I am a secret hippie inside – it was a no brainer!


I was drawn to this a while ago & it has always been a golden Lush product for me. It has Lush’s signature exotic orange & patchouli fragrance which is refreshing & uplifting. It combines sweet orange oil & lemongrass oil which together, smell amazing.


The ingredients include Lavandin which is a close relative of lavender & has similar relaxing properties, Pine Oil, which adds a fresh, green note to the perfume & Elemi Oil, which is traditionally used in incense recipes, & adds ‘complexity & freshness’. So whilst this is a really bright & uplifting product, the formula is also nourishing & pampering – the best of both worlds!P7130055

The bubbles are long lasting & the fragrance lingers for long after your bath is finished. The water turns a beautiful deep purple with flecks of gold which looks nothing short of pure magic. The gold glitter doesn’t cling to your skin (or the bath!) which is a bonus as there is nothing that ruins a bath bomb experience more than trying to scrub glitter off the tub when it’s done.

So if you are after a cosmic, fragrance infused get away, filled with bubbles & fuelled with gold then this is your baby!

Hope you have enjoyed a go-through of these treats. There are so many more to try out – Oxford Street’s Lush store is calling my name! (Is it a bit over the top to do a 30 Days of Lush post…?) – No of course it isn’t! 😉

Please comment in the comment box below with any of your favourite Lush products! I’d love to hear your reviews!

With Love,

Hayley x








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