June Favourites

June was a super exciting month! I had a weeks vacay in the South of France & loved gathering some fab beauty & skincare essentials to include in my holiday post.

I found some fab new products that I couldn’t wait to share with you. Some of them you may be familiar with & others are relatively new to the scene.

Combined with Beauty & Skincare, I also have a few other new finds I have loved this month…enjoy!

Smashbox BB Water in shade Medium Dark, £29.50, Boots


First up is this amazing BB Cream by Smashbox. If you have read my Holiday Essentials post you will see just how much I LOVE this product.

It is actually described as a ‘BB Water’, which reflects it’s weightless formula which glides onto the skin effortlessly leaving a subtle coverage with a build-able glow.

I am wearing this in the picture below.

It is just ideal for summer to wear over a tan. It is definitely my best new beauty find.

Highly recommended for those of you that like the minimal make up look…thank me later!

Wearing Smashbox BB Water in ‘Medium Dark’

Mr Moss Black Candle by SoH Melbourne, £40, Selfridges

So me & Charlie spotted this when we were staying in London back in February. We were browsing homeware in Selfridges & given that Charlie’s surname is Moss, it jumped out at us. Given that i’d spent an absurd amount of money that weekend, I silently (reluctantly) walked away. P7140080

Anyway, 4 months on & after a really crap couple of weeks my very own Mr Moss came home with the classic, famous little yellow bag to reveal a romantic surprise.

He indeed had gone & purchased my own.19621723_10156972954048973_923285226_n

The cutest gift ever & just what was needed after a stressful time, so I can light it if Charlie is away & think of my Mr Moss – Awwwwww!

It is a gorgeous, rich fragrance with hints of wood & vetiver. The packaging is so luxurious with everything in sleek black & gold & sealed in a wax sealed box. Sophisticated & trendy, I think I have found a new favourite candle brand!



Liz Earle Clean & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml, £14.50, Boots

Since my Dermalogica facial last month, I have really tried to up my skincare game. I’m really trying to stick to a thorough, regimented routine & stay consistent.

I have stopped purchasing make up wipes & instead invested in muslin cloths & this amazing cleanser by Liz Earle. This product was rated the top cleanser at a beauty awards recently & after doing my research I decided it was the one for me.

I was not wrong!19691437_10156978091793973_245981371_n

You apply this cleanser to dry skin. It has a thick, cream formula which you massage into your skin before using the warm, wet cloth to massage further which removes all traces of make up. The Liz Earle cloths I purchased at the same time as a normal face flannel as I was unsure which I would prefer. The Liz Earle cloth won hands down! It is light & soft with enough texture to gently exfoliate.

My relationship with make up wipes is well & truly over & I think my skin will be eternally grateful!



Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb, £3.95, Lush

Okay. I literally LOVE this bath bomb. Charlie picked this up for me along with 7 others as a cute little surprise for me. If you read my ‘Week of Lush’ post you will know what a treat this was!19883490_10157005121038973_1066492430_n

It smells amazing & as soon as I knew I was in for a surprise I was intrigued! It fizzed away turning my bath bright yellow before revealing gorgeous silver slick which looked so cool!

I loved how this made my skin feel. It was really softening & the silver flecks were subtle & pretty.

This one is definitely one for the favourites list.


NYX Matte Bronzer, £8, Boots

I was desperate for some bronzing powder to take on holiday & picked this up in a rush whilst running around like a crazy woman in Boots.P7140068

I really like NYX products. They always do as they say on the packaging & they are a great price point! Boots have a huge selection of NYX in their Bluewater store which I love to browse. They have an amazing selection of shades for all of their collections which gives endless options to choose from.

One thing I love about this Bronzer is that it is such a natural colour. It hasn’t got those artificial looking, orange pigments that you can get some bronzers.


The matte formula helps prevent any shine, although this does not last all day. You do need to maintain the matte look by topping up every 4 or so hours. I love that it is matte & has no shimmer, it is almost like being able to brush on an instant suntan!

If you are after a new bronzer that has a matte finish, doesn’t break the bank & looks natural then this is for you!


NUXE Precious Scented Shower Oil with Golden Shimmer, part of a travel set, Space NK

This product was featured in my holiday essentials post & actually came as part of a travel collection that I found in the Space NK sale. 19578317_10156962389848973_912478530_n

I can’t believe I managed to grab such a bargain! (You can always count on Space NK!) This came with lots of travel sized goodies in a cute cosmetics pouch which included moisturiser, body oil & cleanser – all perfect holiday essentials!

I have heard of Nuxe before but can not remember ever trying any of their products until now. Whilst on holiday in Nice I noticed that Nuxe was EVERYWHERE. The brand which is french, is hugely accessible in their pharmacies & beauty salons out in the Cote D’Azure.

This Body Wash smells absolutely devine. It has a real rich, thick formula that provides lots of big bubbles for the ultimate in a lavish shower experience! It has a subtle golden shimmer which lights up your skin. It is the kind of body wash that you’d indulge in whether it be for a night out, or a pamper night in. It leaves your skin cleansed & hydrated with a satin-like finish. It’s ‘sumptuous’ fragrance is taken from the famous aroma of Huile Prodigieuse, a combination of ‘solar notes’ & ‘plush white flowers.’ (Fancy!)

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum 100ml, £95, Boots

Now this isn’t by any means a new product but I have re-purchased it after running out & being without it for some time. Re-purchasing this has just made me realise how much I actually love this scent. I don’t think I have ever relied on a perfume for such a long time like I do Coco Mademoiselle. It is completely timeless to me. It is so classic. So distinctive. Sometimes all you need is a reminder on how precious a product is to really realise how it never compares to anything else.19964952_10157026895363973_2091126736_n

This perfume is such a statement, dressing room staple. I adore it. Again it is Chanel so it is on the more expensive side. I do prefer to by perfume rather than Eau du Toilet which again, effects the price. I find that Eau De Parfum lasts so much longer & is a much richer, denser fragrance than Eau de Toilet.

This is the kind of scent that is so distinctive that when anyone close to me is wearing it, I immediately recognise it. There isn’t another fragrance like it. It is a oriental combination of fresh & vibrant orange, with Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli & Vetiver. Chanel describe this fragrance as gaining its inspiration from the fascinating personality of Gabrielle Chanel. The fragrance is the ‘olfactory reflection’ of an independent thinker who breaks the rules to create her own. ‘The portrait of a woman ready to daringly write her own destiny.’ – what more could you want from a fragrance?19988747_10157026895813973_278829602_n

Chanel have created this fragrance in many different formats, including body cream, fragrance mist & deodorant which is amazing if you are as much of a fan of this scent as I am. Getting out the shower, applying the body cream, spraying the perfume & topping up with either the fragrance mist or purse spray if need be!

This fragrance lingers for ages & I can always smell it on my clothes, days after wearing it. I really believe that you get what you pay for with perfume, so if you want to invest in a gorgeous new fragrance, I couldn’t recommend this enough.

The Ritual of Sakura Shower Foam & Shower Oil, £8.50 each, Rituals

I absolutely LOVE Rituals & the Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom is my absolute FAVOURITE fragrance.

I was at Nice airport, flying home to Gatwick, when I discovered they did a Rituals section in duty free. If you have read my Holiday Essentials post you will know that I have up’d my skincare regimes to prolong my tan & make sure my skin stays super healthy this summer. For this reason, I have been drawn towards lots of new skincare products, oils & creams, so I had a good browse at the Rituals counter as it had been a while since I purchased any of their products. I have always loved the cherry blossom scent & came across these two shower treasures!…

They are real life, shower game changers!


Okay so starting with the foam. I couldn’t actually believe just how much comes out in one pump! P7130036It comes out in a gel-like formula & quickly turns into a thick foam. Unlike a lot of these mousse/foam shower products, it is super duper thick & rich. P7130038The foam doesn’t disperse into nothingness but just seems to get larger & richer before your eyes. You literally get lost in a beautiful experience of creamy bubbles that smell absolutely devine.

My skin feels sooo nourished after using this. It is really enriching & moisturising. Obviously for a shower gel, it is a rather expensive product, a luxury one indeed, but I do absolutely love it & I will be purchasing it again. (The Duty Free discount did help might I add!)

Now the Oil. Again, in previous posts I have expressed my love for the Dove Nourishing Care Shower Oil. A really beautiful product, so I was drawn to this when I saw it…& yes, again, I was not disappointed.


Filled with the relaxing properties of Cherry Blossom & purifying properties of rice milk, the oil becomes a silky, soft foam when it comes into contact with water. It is impressive how the oil formula completely turns into thick bubbles, & like the shower foam, you really only need a little.

My skin felt beautifully soft, hydrated & it has really helped to prolong my tan, keeping my skin moisturised. Once I finished showering, I noticed that I was gifted with a sheer layer of deeply nourishing oil which saved me moisturising!

These two products leave such a beautiful scent on the skin which prolongs the entire experience, leaving you feeling like you have had a truly luxurious beauty experience! MUST HAVES! Thank me later 😉

I hope you have enjoyed this post, please leave a comment in the comment box below & let me know your thoughts!

With Love,

Hayley x










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