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You probably are all aware that I love nothing more than a big bubble bath & all things Lush Cosmetics definitely get me REALLY excited.

This week I had a really cute surprise from my Charlie when he face-timed me from the Lush store in Oxford Street whilst working in London. He ended up choosing me a weeks worth of bath bombs which was just the best treat.

I saw this treat as the perfect excuse to do a Lush Haul Post & review the products Charlie surprised me with as some of them are limited editions only available at the Oxford Street branch – which is the biggest Lush in the world! What a dream!

So I thought I’d share with you my Monday – Sunday bath bomb reviews & let you know my thoughts… (I was in Lush bath heaven every evening!)


Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb £3.95


This is one that I had seen but never tried before & it definitely did not disappoint. The combination of rosewood & lemon oil gives such a gorgeous fragrance. This bath bomb boasts almond essential oil ‘from the parched terracotta landscape of inland Majorca’ which leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh & nourished.

I threw the pill into my hot bath & watched in awe the water turned lemon yellow & the two halves fizz’ed & bubbled to reveal a silver slick that laid across the waters surface.

I must admit I do actually prefer bubble bars than bath bombs as I love bubbles in my bath, but the colours & the little surprises like this silver treat, almost make up for it!


Guardian of The Forest Bath Bomb, £4.25


I have always wanted to try this bad boy! It looks so mysterious. Boasting a combination of lime oil, cypress oil, rosewood oil, the smell is gorgeously earthy. It felt so nostaligic to smell this bath bomb – it reminded me of woody walks as a child. The colour is amazing, a real rich green. I completely felt like I was floating in a lagoon with this product. The colour was so intense. This was definitely a treat…my skin felt amazing after my bath, super soft & nourished. I can’t wait to get another!


Yellow Submarine Bath Bomb, £3.95


Now this sounded like my kind of bath bomb – coconut, Brazilian orange & lemongrass – a tropical treat! This was super cool. I dropped it under running water to watch it change from yellow to pink, leaving swirls of what I can only describe as the colours of a Fruit Salad retro sweet, swirling away. It was pretty lush – excuse the pun! There were definite pina colada vibes going down with this bath bomb. Once the pinks & yellows merged together you were left with a subtle, shimmery gold bath that felt rejuvenating thanks to the lemongrass & orange yet relaxing with the creamy under tones.  I would highly recommend this. I even had a few bubbles out of this bath bomb too – bonus!


Metamorphoses Bath Bomb, £4.25

Now Charlie enjoyed this treat after a long day at work. The bubbles were really funky. Described by Lush as ‘A symphony of darkness and light’ a perfect description. It released a mix of tranquil black pepper & myrrh ‘resinoid’ which is a real atmospheric combination. When we placed this into the water it fizzed with dark bubbles until  broken with a ‘warm cinnamon sunrise’ of orange, pink, yellow & green. This is described by Lush as the ‘dawn of a new day’ – quite apt. I am interested to try this for myself. Charlie really enjoyed it, he felt relaxed & soothed so I think it was a winner.

I love how you can see the hints of pink breaking through in the middle of the bath bomb – it’s like you know there is a surprise inside. The contrast of the greys to the pinks & yellows is amazing! I am really excited to try this myself, but Charlie is a definite fan.


Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb, £4.25


If you like lemon, lots of lemon, then you will really like this bath bomb! I must say, this is my new favourite. The smell is just amazing. It is the exact smell of lemon sherbet sweets – so so good. It is really quite potent, the scent lingers for hours after the bath is over.

I loved the blue cornflowers within the bath bomb. As soon as it started fizzing, waves of golden yellow with butters & oils filled the tub. It felt amazing. My skin felt really moisturised & the scent lingered on my skin after the bath.


Frozen Bath Bomb, £4.25


Let it GOOOOOO, let it gooooo…

Okay so everyone closest to me knows just how much of a Disney fan I am, so when I saw the title of this bad boy I was excited!19873750_10157005120753973_766308292_n

This was a treat. It smelt beautiful with a combination of Grapefruit, Neroli & Rose, a real fresh fragrance. The colours were so so vibrant – real beautiful bright blues. There is also a real stunning shimmer in the water which just adds a little magic to the tub!

My skin felt soft for ages after I had left my bath, almost like I had been dipped in moisturiser & left to dry. It felt lovely, with a real fresh scent which was left lingering for a while…& let’s be honest, the Frozen reference doesn’t hurt does it?


Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb, £4.25


I was so glad that Charlie had picked this cutie up for me to try. Now I will start by confirming, as the online reviews say, that this particular product does not travel well. It is super delicate & petals are known to of been lost along the way & sadly this was the case for mine. I lost a few petals by the time I had my bath which was a little disappointing.

At first I thought that the scent was quite old & musky – I wasn’t a fan – but as the petals detached from the centre of the bath bomb the fragrances that were released were quite tropical & you could really smell the Neroli combined with the Tonka & Jasmine. The bubbles turned a shade of peach & the smell continued to linger for ages after the bath was over. All in all I really enjoyed this bath bomb, the smell at first is a little over powering & musky but that changes when applied to the water, the only thing that was disappointing was how delicate this bath bomb is. Trying to ensure it doesn’t crumble & the petals don’t fall off is difficult which is a shame as you don’t get the full effect.

My favourites of this week have to be Yellow Submarine & Cheer Up Buttercup!

I can’t wait to have another Lush haul – next time with Bubble Bars – there are SOOOOO many Lush products I can’t wait to try!

Please leave me a comment in the comment box below & let me know your favourite Lush goodies!

With Love,



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