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First of all – big apologies for the delay in getting this post up! After a manic few weeks I am now back on track!

It is safe to say that May has been a really exciting month for trying new products. We are in that transition period where Summer is feeling close & brands are launching their summer editions.

Being brunette with tanned skin I suit the bronzed palettes that are always associated with Summer & I always love the editions released for the season that always have a summer shimmer or bronzing formula as an edition.

With that being said, it brings me into my first favourite for this month…

Tea To Tan by By Terry, £55, & the Summer Edition £32, both from


I really like this product. I was pining after the Nars Bronzing Monoi Oil but couldn’t find it in stock ANYWHERE! (Typically it has since arrived on Net-A-Porter!)

By Terry’s ‘Tea to Tan Face & Body’ bronzer is perfect for maintaining a sun kissed glow. The water-based formula is made with ‘correcting micro-prism’s & coloured powders that don’t transfer onto clothes or smudge.

The great thing about this is you can let it sit & separate before spraying for a sheer matte finish, or shake it up if you prefer a more intense glow with the shimmer formula that sits at the bottom of the vial.


The packaging is gorgeous – very simple, very lux. The most striking aspect of this product is the scent. It has a real, rich & luxurious scent. It is what I would describe as a really warm, musky scent that does smell luxurious. It doesn’t linger too much so as to interfere with your perfume which is a bonus but I love the fact that it doesn’t have an offensive tanning smell like some bronzing products do. Now I have the Summer Limited Edition also, which has slightly more shimmer in – still gorgeous & still natural looking but perfect for an evening. It boasts to have detoxifying aspects of Red Tea, Black Tea & Cherry Water.

The only negative is I would like a slightly more moisturising formula so I will be purchasing the Nars Monoi Oil to compare the two!


Oh! Life Face Masks: Cherry Lip Hydrate & Moisturise £6,

image1 (11)

I discovered this brand whilst shopping on ASOS & fell in love with their collection of skin masks. I want to do a haul post on the collection but had to include one of them in my favourites for May as they were such a diamond find! The packaging is super cute & they have such a vast collection of cheap skincare products that all work wonders!

image2 (8)

I love nothing more than slapping one of these on of an evening whilst i’m working or in the bath – it does it’s thing for 20 minutes & then I am left feeling all soothed & nourished.

A favourite amongst them has to be the above Cherry Lip Hydrate & Moisturise Sheet Mask. As you will know from my last post – I have recently had my Lips ‘done’ & this is perfect for maintaining moisture in my pout ensuring that they look & feel their best after a long ass day at work! The gel mask is so cooling & soothing. It feels amazing against your skin & there’s no ‘faffing’ with rinsing it off which is such a bonus! You really get the most out of the product.

A huge recommendation when your next on ASOS!

Oribe Split End Seal, £44


As you probably are already aware – I am a huge Oribe fan! If you have read my Review post on their products you will know I absolutely adore the brand & despite them being rather expensive – you do really get what you pay for.

I have recently been in two minds – whether to go for the big chop & sport a long bob style or let my hair grow – I chose the latter & since I have been desperate to see an extra 6 inches! I do suffer with split & damaged ends & when I read the reviews of the Oribe Split End Treatment on Space NK I knew I had to add it to my collection!

As with all things Oribe, the smell is gorgeous. The formula is light, non-oily & yet doesn’t compromise on ‘oomph’. The packaging as ever is luxurious in a gorgeous plum pink bottle with the signature Oribe gold details. You really do get what you pay for twith this brand.

I pump 2-3 pumps & apply to damp or dry hair. This really seals split ends & the dryness I hate has slowly been disappearing after applying this product.

Again, this product is expensive & the price point I can appreciate may not be for everyone. I am thinking of doing some research & finding some luxury ‘dupes’ so stay tuned for that post! If any of you have any go-to products that you have found slightly cheaper on the market then leave a comment in the comment box below – i’d love to hear your favourites!

The NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette, £55,


I recently invested in the Stila Matte & Metal Palette which was featured in last months Favourites so this purchase was a little unjustified – with that being said I have NO regrets! Who can ever regret buying ANYTHING from Nars…? …EXACTLY!

The colours in this palette are amazing. There is definitely not one colour I would not wear! They are super pigmented with minimum fallout & I love the array of matte & shimmer shades. I was so lucky to of grabbed one of these as they soon became out of stock on Space.NK.

I love the ‘rust’ shades & hues – they look amazing with my skin tone, super flattering & perfect for all year round ensuring maximum use! I love wearing these kinds of colours in Autumn too. There’s so many different possibilities with these shades – a smokey eye, a matte look for casual or a gold shimmer for an event…it really is a stunning combo! I can definitely see this palette being an everyday go-to from now forward!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour All-Over Miracle Oil 100ml, £29 Boots


For me personally, I really don’t like the feeling of greasy skin. A prime example of this would be the AMAZING smelling Body Butters by Body Shop. Now as stunning as they are – I find them far too greasy & they never seem to properly sink into the skin, leaving a clammy, greasy film which feels really uncomfortable! This however is the complete opposite. It’s from the famous Eight Hour range – the holy grail of skin care collections for years – & is an all over oil which can be used (yes you guessed it!) ALL over, including your hair. It is infused with Tsubaki oil, an ultra-hydrating ingredient that works to deliver long-lasting moisture – perfect for the summer when you want your tan to last! I apply this once I have had a shower to really lock in maximum moisture. After using this my skin looking radiant, healthy looking skin with a firmer appearance. I love that it is fast absorbing & it really helps with uneven skin tone giving you a luminous glow!

I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting to maintain their tan & keep that summer glow for as long as possible!


L’oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Overnight Elixir £14.99, Boots


Okay so I may have found a new favourite fake tan! I have seen Victoria from rave about this product & I was intrigued so grabbed one for myself. Safe to say I was not disappointed. Victoria was sooo right in saying that this product is amazing.

It is a gel-like formula which glides on the skin smoothly ensuring a streak free application. I always apply my fake tan over night so when I saw that this product was a specialised ‘overnight’ tan it was a no brainer! It is fast absorbing which makes it perfect to apply before bed. L’oreal describe this product to be a moisture boost – not just a fake tan. The skin looses 4X more water at night than during the day & this formula is made up with Hyaluronic Acid known for it’s “hydrating power & plant derived self-tanning agents” – therefor ensuring a real moisturised glow which in turn lasts longer!

I have to add that the smell is in no way offensive either. You can apply it & not have that awful smell of tan lingering which I really dislike. I have had no “have you tanned” queries from Charlie as there is literally no hint of that ‘tanning smell’. SUCCESS!

I apply this with a mit before bed & wash it off in the morning. This is a build-able product so you are able to keep applying until you reach your desired colour.

I’m sold!

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, 50ml £10, Boots


I fly to Nice on Saturday & have been getting holiday prepped with all my beauty & skincare products. When your in & out of the pool or the sea, keeping your hair looking hott is practically impossible. Unless you want to rock a soggy top knot, looking like you have been scalped, or resemble the girl from The Ring – you need a quick fix, go-to product for an effortless look that is easy to maintain.

Whilst shopping in Boots I came across this Surf Spray from Bumble & Bumble. I remember purchasing a salt spray & not getting on with it. The formula was really heavy, sticky & did not give me beach waves what so ever, so I was slightly apprehensive about trying a salt spray again. Saying this, I am a fan of Bumble & Bumble & have always been happy with their products so I picked this up & tried it combined with some dry shampoo on the day I really needed to (but didn’t have time to) wash my hair! It was really light yet really effective. I had a really cook, funky, messy look with subtle waves that looked really cute.

This is also the perfect size for your handbag – so this will be coming with me to the beach & pool when I’m away to ensure ‘The Ring’ look won’t be happening & i’ll look effortlessly put together post swim!






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