My First Lip Augmentation!

Okay…so I have been a little quiet recently & was in two minds of whether or not to blog about this but I really think it’s important for my content to be honest, down to earth & real. So be prepared for a few unflattering selfies & some realness…here goes…

So over the last 12 months lip fillers have become THE most popular cosmetic procedure to have done. When done properly they can change your face dramatically with out looking plastic fantastic. The results can be super subtle yet really create such a difference in enhancing your mouth & lower face area.

Kylie Jenner changed the lip game dramatically – the likes of her & Megan Mckenna really set the bar! I must say I am a fan of Megan – she’s been super sweet & supportive of my blog on social media which has been really lovely, I love her cosmetics line & I do like her style. I think her lips look natural & beautiful – they are ridge & duck-face free & in no way appear to of been over-done.

I have never really had any hangups about my lips but as with everyone – my bottom lip is bigger than my top, quite considerably & within the last 6 months I have thought about having augmentation to my top lip to lift it slightly – to see how it would look.

If you have read my Dermalogica Facial review you will know that I always like to go to Olivia’s Beauty & Tanning Rooms in Herne Bay & when they advertised a cancellation for a lip filler appointment I just went for it. I shocked myself – but I picked up the phone & booked myself in. This would be my first cosmetic procedure & I have never really had much ‘done’ in the way of beauty treatments. I tend to tan & wax & do my nails myself at home so this did feel like quite a big deal!

On my way to my appointment – pre-procedure!

My appointment was booked for a Monday late afternoon & the lovely Tiffany was doing the procedure. Tiffany was so lovely & really reassuring. Everything was really thorough & I felt so comfortable & confident throughout the whole procedure.

After going through everything to ensure I was medically suitable for the procedure, the numbing cream was applied which was intense. I was reassured that this cream would definitely aid any discomfort as I was dribbling away & losing all sense of movement in my mouth – it was NOT flattering but hilarious.

Tiffany went through every aspect of the procedure with me & needles at the ready, made a start.

Now, I would be a huge liar if I said it didn’t hurt. I have to say it was painful. I preferred to shut my eyes & focus on getting through the discomfort – Tiffany was fantastic throughout & talked me through everything she was doing.

Again, due to probably my inexperience in any invasive treatments like this, my bottom lip on my left side became instantly REALLY swollen. It was slightly alarming but I knew it was ‘normal’ & Tiffany was so reassuring. I was advised to take Piriton & apply Arnica to ease the bruising.

Now the bruising to my bottom lip & inside my bottom lip appeared instantly & gradually increased over the next few days.

The next day after the procedure

The bruising I had went from my bottom lip down my chin & was quite severe. I won’t include any photo’s of this as it isn’t at all pleasant & it almost takes away how fantastic the results actually are now.

The next day after the procedure

As you can see from those two images – the bruising & swelling was quite noticeable up until day 6 after the procedure.

I continued with the Piriton & Arnica cream for an entire week but the bruising that I had on the lower part of my mouth was not eased by the Arnica as it was pretty bad. The blood in my chin had really risen to the surface & was a deep burgandy/plum colour almost looking like a birth mark.

With that being said – the results completely made up for it. Everyone’s body is different & reacts differently to this kind of procedure & I do tend to bruise quite easily.

Day 5 after Treatment

As you can see above – the bruising isn’t at all noticeable as I was able to cover it with make up from Day 5 onwards, although it really did test my concealer products out trying to hide such a dark bruise & I must say the coverage from my Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette worked wonders combined with my Maybelline Eye Eraser Concealer featured in my April Favourites post!

I am really happy with the results now I have escaped the bruising & swelling.

My top lip just has a really subtle yet effective lift & plumpness to it & it does look really natural. I’m ridge-free & there is no obvious signs of any treatment at all.

I am really pleased with the results & would recommend anyone thinking of having this procedure to do your research & contact Tiffany at Olivia’s.

Please feel free to ask me any questions either in the comment section below or by emailing me at & I will be happy to answer ANY nitty gritty questions or queries you may have.

With Love,

Hayley x

DISCLAIMER: This post was in no way sponsored & I am not in any way getting paid to write this review. It is my honest opinion & my true review of the procedure to give you all an insight into Lip Augmentation for those thinking about having it done 🙂

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