My Luxury Dermalogica Facial

I was kindly invited to Olivia’s Beauty Rooms in Herne Bay to try out their luxury, Dermalogica Facial by their therapist Stavri.


This really excited me as I can’t remember my last facial. That is shameful to admit I know. I am guilty of not looking after my skin as well as I probably should due to laziness & quite simply never having enough time – a really shocking excuse & I am guilty of the major sin in skincare – a FACE WIPE – waaaah! So needless to say, this facial was needed & hugely appreciated!


I like Dermalogica as a brand because they go down the more medical route of skin care & I love how thorough their products are – they seem to have something for EVERY skin type not just your standard ‘Oily’ or ‘Dry’, truly catering for everyone.

My therapist for this facial was the lovely Stavri, who was so thorough, gentle & attentive. That combined with her knowledge really does make her worth her weight in gold.

The whole process was entirely personalised to ensure I got the maximum benefits from the treatment which instantly gave me an insight into just how detailed & thorough this experience was going to be.

First we discussed my skin – any problem areas or issues I have. I am quite lucky in the sense that I don’t have any skin problems in terms of acne or sensitivity.
I have never suffered with ‘breakouts’, rather just the odd pimple here & there. My only concerns were the find lines I have started to develop on my forehead & my pores which I’d prefer to be smaller. I expressed these issues to Stavri & we got started…

18516090_10156752278003973_1655221943_nMy upper body was wrapped in a soft, fluffy towel & my hair swept off of my face. I laid on the bed & was super comfortable surrounded by a gorgeous ambience of soft lighting & soothing music.


All my make up was removed & my skin cleansed using the Dermalogica Double Cleanse Method.

The first product was the Precleanse – the first step of the Dermalogica Double Cleanse.

Now this felt so soothing. It was cooling & really nourishing on the skin. The formula is combined with water which creates a milky emulsion that lifts the debris from the skin, allowing the second step of the cleanse to penetrate even further. It felt light yet enriching which I love! The ingredients include Olive, Apricot & Kukui Nut Oils which cut through make-up, sunscreens & oil-based debris, readying them for easy removal…


The next step of the cleanse saw Stavri use the Essential Cleansing Solution. Again, a really lovely formula which lifts impurities & maintains moisture levels within the skin. This is a beautifully conditioning product that made my skin feel super soft & supple. All of these products help the ageing process – which as I’m now in my late twenties (oh ma gawwd!!!) I am really interested in. 18554668_10156752277863973_1333435527_n

The next step was to exfoliate. Now I love a good scrub. I like my exfoliating products to be firm & strong for really clear results. I don’t like ‘sissy’ exfoliating products with ‘micro-beads’, I really like a thicker formula that I can feel working & one that can almost be slightly uncomfortable – ensuring my skin has had a real seeing to.

Stavri used the Multivitamin Thermafoliant which worked wonders. Concentrating on my t-zone, my face was scrubbed & prepped ready for the steam process which was coming next.

I had some beautiful, essential oils massaged into my face throughout the facial which were divine & smelt beautiful – natural & free of ‘nasties’.

The steam was really intense. I have never liked the Steam or Sauna at Spa’s & tend to have to make myself sit in their for the pure reason that I know it is for the greater good – but it is an effort. I always feel claustrophobic because you feel like you can’t take a clean, cool deep breath. It was the same with this part of the treatment but the fact that I was super comfortable, surrounded by soothing music & with the smell of the essential oils in the room I felt more content than usual. I was in good hands & I had a feeling the results would be worth it.18518810_10156752277438973_744592234_n

My pores were now ready for the next part of the treatment which was ‘The Extraction’…dun dun derrrr!

Stavri removed any blocked pores/black heads now that the skin was supple & the pores were open from the steam process. Again, I am really lucky in the sense that it is just my T-zone that can be a troubled area but I do not suffer with spots & have never had acne. I understand how blessed I am with this after seeing friends struggle at school.

After the extraction my skin was soothed with T-Tree Oil which is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties, followed by a lovely massage with an additive blend of essential oils.18554821_10156752277338973_1233907355_n

Next, Stavri massaged the Stress Positive Eye Lift which is a de-puffing eye treatment & masque, using a wand for application which felt really lovely! Again – so soothing. It was a dream!

This product is described as an active, cooling cream-gel masque that energises skin to reduce visible signs of stress – now this was needed! This is a real high-performance formula that minimises the appearance of puffiness & dark circles, increases skin luminosity, lifts the eye area & helps restore ‘skin barrier integrity.’

This was followed by the application of  2 masques to suit my personal skin requirements. I loved how personalised this was to suit my skin. I had the Dermal Clay Masque applied to my nose, under eye area & chin. This is a deep cleansing masque which is perfect for those more oily parts of my face. It purifies & soothes with cucumber sage & revitalises with menthol. Then for my forehead & neck, Stavri applied the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque. This is to concentrate on those worrying, anxiety causing lines that I said about earlier! This is an ultra-replenishing, antioxidant rich masque that helps rescue stressed, ageing skin – again, NEEDED!


Both Masques were left on for around 15-20 minutes & during this time I had a wonderful hand massage by Stavri which felt beautiful. I do use hand cream but not as often as I should – so that was a reminder to up my game!18518626_10156752277258973_912035169_n

The Masques were then washed off with fresh water & the Ultra Calming Mist was spritzed onto the skin. This is a soothing, hydrating mist to help quickly calm redness, sensitivity, & inflammation.

It locks in hydration & Stavri gently pressed it into my skin for added benefit.

Next Stavri applied the Total Eye Care cream. This SPF eye cream with skin-smoothing alpha-hydroxy acids helps conceal dark circles, reduces the appearance of puffiness & helps to diminish fine lines. Dermalogica say that the optical light diffusers help diminish dark circles – combined with a chemical-free sunscreen which obviously helps to shield against further damage.

Stavri talked me through my eye care routine & said how important it is to look after the eye area. The first signs of ageing usually appear in this area so thanks to Stavri’s knowledge & guidance I now have a better understanding of the importance of taking the time to really look after this area of my face. I will now have a whole separate eye care routine to ensure I keep the lines minimal.18515961_10156752277618973_509143443_n

My face was finished with a soothing booster, a calming fluid concentrate that helps relieve sensitivity, reduce irritation & restore moisture levels.

After a few more drops of essential oil, the treatment was complete.

My skin felt really glowing & healthy. I was so pleased with the results.

I felt like I had had a real facial detox!

I felt relaxed throughout & it was so enjoyable to simply lay & be pampered. Something that has not happened for a LONG time! I am guilty of being a workaholic & finding it hard to switch off but Stavri really aided in making me feel as relaxed & as comfortable as possible – it was such a delight.

Stavri then went through the results of my Face Mapping Skin Analysis.

unnamedThese results reveal my skin condition, as well as the products most effective at delivering all-over skin health.

It is advised to receive a Face Mapping every 4-6 weeks to keep on top of your skins health & ensure you are getting the most out of your prescribed products.

This final part of today’s treatment was very rewarding.

It was so beneficial to learn further about my skin type & what Dermalogica products Stavri ‘prescribed’ to me to help with the problem areas.

It was fabulous to gain further knowledge about my advised skin routine & how to get the most out of my assigned products.

This whole personalised & ‘tailored to you’ experience really made the treatment. It felt like I walked away with not just glowing skin, but a head full of knowledge & an insight into the science behind maintaining healthy skin, which I learnt that at this stage in life, is very important.

My Mapping results showed that I do have fine lines starting to develop on my forehead & either side of my eyes.

The products advised to help with this include the Multi-Active Toner…


This ultra-light toner with ‘moisture-binding humectants’ helps condition & prep skin for proper moisture absorption. The toner features extracts of Arnica & Cucumber which help keep skin smooth & refreshed. I love cucumber in my skincare – I find it so soothing & refreshing so I love the idea of this toner. I was advised to apply this after cleansing & before applying my prescribed Dermalogica Moisturiser.

The Total Eye Care is also going to help keep my eye area youthful & minimise the start of those find lines. 33As described earlier in this post this products battles dark circles & puffiness to really keep your eye area in tip top condition. A true investment!

My skin analysis also revealed that I am prone to struggle with large pores in the T-Zone area. Quite a common issue amongst most of us.

Now all the products prescribed to me will help with this. All of them are cleansing & detoxifying with the aid of the exfoliate & masque’s for extra help to keep pores clean.


My final overall advice from Stavri is to take care of my eye area to help prevent further lines. We can’t, unfortunately, prevent ageing but we can definitely slow the process. I absolutely love the Total Eye Care & the Stress Positive Eye Lift – mentioned earlier & applied with a wand. These two products are going to be everyday staples in my skin routine. The results are going to be phenomenal.

My next facial is booked in before my trip to Nice in 4 weeks. I couldn’t resist Stavri’s amazing expertise to ensure my skin is prepared for my first holiday of this year & my first experience of actual sun in 2017! (Finally!) I always wear SPF 50 on my face regardless to ensure maximum protection & to avoid sun damage & further lines. I luckily have quite an olive skin tone & tan very quickly but I do avoid the sun effecting my face. Nothing a splash of Clarins Radiance Golden Glow Booster can’t help with 😉

So I will look forward to another Skin Mapping & personalised treatment by Stavri. Another excuse to relax & feel completely pampered…I can see this becoming a necessity on a weekly basis! Until then, I will continue to familiarise myself with my new skin care knowledge & try out the many samples I was gifted with…


Thank you to Stavri, Rose, Olivia & the staff at Olivia’s for such a fabulous treat.

I will see you all at Olivia’s on Monday for another top secret, cosmetic treatment I have just booked in for – of course the full experience will be shared on my blog so stay tuned! This one is unlike anything I have experienced before! Eeeeek!

Enjoy today’s sunshine…

With Love,

Hayley x









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