Make The Most of Your Day

“Time is free, but it’s Priceless.

You can’t own it, but you can use it.

You can’t keep it, but you can spend it.

Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”

-Harvey Mackay


In a day & age where time is more precious than ever – it is more important than ever, to utilise the time we have.

There is no better feeling of an evening, than being able to reflect on the day with pride at what tasks got completed, what was overcome & what progress was made in order to start a clean slate the next day & move forward. For me, it is such a weight lifted when I can look at my to-do list & see those golden ticks gleaming with satisfaction.

I am lucky enough to have Mondays as my ‘day of getting stuff done’ day. I am home alone & free of distractions.

I really look forward to a productive Monday, so much so that is rare that I lack motivation to get kick started, unless I am having a down day or am unwell.

Staying motivated in every aspect of life – business, health & wellbeing – is so important as it will ALWAYS result in success which will in turn bring positivity into your life.

I find on sluggish days that the chances of being productive are virtually nil. All I want to do is nothing but wish the day away – to fast forward to a appropriate time I can call bedtime. On days like this I find myself sat scrolling through Facebook or Social media & before I know it 3 hours have passed & I feel even worse for my lack of productivity! I’ll also add that Facebook isn’t always the best way to spend your time. There is so much negativity posted on there & without even realising it your consumed in an online world full of innuendos, drama & sad stories whether it be from ‘friends’ or the news & videos being shared. Don’t get me wrong – Facebook can be positive too – but I do find that a lot of the time it can provoke negative emotions within the online realm.

Anyway…these following steps, I live by, in order to make the most of my day & utilise my time the best way possible to ensure maximum productivity…

Rise & Shine

Wake up early & seize the day. It sounds so cliche but it works. Don’t hit that snooze button! Force yourself out of bed no matter what – think of the wonderful, relaxing evening you will have to reward yourself of such a productive day.


Having an early start is rewarding in many ways. For me, it means I can have a leisurely breakfast followed by a lovely shower, preparing myself & my body for the day ahead. This time is crucial as it sets the tone of the day, so make the most of it. All of this can be done before 9am – amazing – leaving a full blank canvas to work with.

Write a List

I absolutely LOVE a list. Ha! This gives you the chance to realise your tasks for the day, prioritise them & plan your time.

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In the morning, your mental clarity & focus is high, probably the highest it will be all day. Take 10 minutes to write a list & get clear what today is all about for you.18342249_606360789570812_3635065663433061530_n

(I love giving myself lots of ticks against my completed goals…nothing better!)

You can buy some really cute To-Do List notepads now…I found the perfect one for me from Sainsbury’s! For around the £7 mark, you get a really decent sized, lined notepad set on a cute mini clipboard which is really useful & sturdy to lean on.



Clean Space = Clean Mind

Now that I have reached my later twenties, I am a bit of a tidy freak. I like everything clean, fresh & organised.


I am a huge believer in Feng Shui & before I start my day, I like to ensure everything around me is clean & tidy – washing put away, washing up done, a quick hoover & dust – this really does make a huge difference to my energy & helps me feel prepared for the day in front of me.

“When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we literally make way for inspiration & ‘good orderly direction’ to enter.” 

Do 3 Things at Once!

Kill two birds with one stone. Once all is ready for the start of the day – I throw a load of washing in the washing machine & prepare dinner in the slow cooker. This can take care of itself whilst I am working away on my tasks. I am a huge slow cooker fan – there are SO many gorgeous recipe ideas & it really is perfect for busy days. No need to reach for the take-away menu or ready meals, so you are staying healthy & on track.

Aswel as household jobs, sometimes I’ll wack a hair mask on, some fake tan or a body moisturiser to develop throughout the day. Not only are you smashing your daily tasks, your completing others at the same time! You feel efficient & super productive. (Plus after smashing the days to-do list, you look pretty hot at the end of it too!)

Brain Food

Ensure you keep your energy levels high by choosing wisely what to snack on throughout the day.

I love to snack on nuts & fruit or the occasional rice cake with peanut butter.

For lunch I love crispbread with chopped tomatoes, avocado & basil. It really makes a difference what you put into your body on days where you need to keep on track mentally. I always feel really positive after a clean, fresh breakfast & lunch. I love snacking on Deliciously Ella’s Energy Balls. You can purchase these from Holland & Barratt or Ocado & they are so yummy.


Stay hydrated. To ensure you don’t feel sluggish & lethargic, keep your fluids up.

It’s surprising how you can forget to drink plenty of water when your sat at a computer for example. Water can be boring & hard work for some. I personally really enjoy sparkling water either alone or with lemon. A fab way to add flavour to your water without adding nasty sugars, is to add fruit.


Some tasty combinations are Strawberry & Mint, Lemon & Lime, Raspberry & Peach – I enjoy lemon alone which is really refreshing.

The other alternative is to switch it up by adding ice cubes filled with fruit to ensure a refreshing & cold beverage.


During my tasks – especially if i’m blogging – I listen to music or have a 4OD catch up binge on in the back ground. It’s surprising how nice this time can be & how peaceful it is.

Once my to-do list is complete & I make those satisfying ‘ticks’ down the page, I love nothing more than a hot bath followed by pj’s & a chilled evening with Charlie & the cats.

For me, nothing beats that ‘& breeeaaathe’ feeling at the end of a productive Monday.

I hope you smash through your own To-Do List & feel accomplished & proud…no matter what day!

With Love,

Hayley x






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