The Royal Coffee Scrub Review

Naturelle Cosmetics recently sent me their Royal Coffee Scrub which arrived last week!


Naturelle Cosmetics are a private, family-owned & operated business based in the UK that aims at popularizing natural & organic beauty products in Europe. They offer only nature-sourced cosmetic products, bringing only the purest products from organic, certified farms in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain & the UK. All the products are 100% organic, paraben-free & suitable for vegans & vegetarians.

I have been so excited to try this product after hearing so much hype about Coffee Scrubs & the benefits Coffee actually has for your skin.

The Coffee Scrub is a combination of various natural ingredients that rejuvenates your skin. Amongst the main components are the seed powder from both coffee Arabica & Coffee Robusta which are the two main varieties of coffee. To make a coffee scrub from the powders, avocado, cinnamon & jojoba oils are added. Almond seeds are also added to bring in its antioxidant properties while vanilla brings a scent.

We are getting closer & closer to summer which for many of us means prepping our skin ready for tanning! Exfoliating plays a huge part in this process!

On the morning of my birthday, I ran a Lush Bath Bomb filled bath & took with me my Coffee Scrub…

The packaging recyclable – staying in the organic theme of the brand. The packet size is also super generous which is great!

Now it said that the scent was Cinnamon Vanilla but if I am honest I could not smell either – just coffee! If you are a fan of coffee – which I indeed am – then this product will throw you into rich, coffee heaven! Although for those who are not keen on coffee or it’s scent – this will not be for you. The coffee smell is quite intense!

I tried to apply the scrub to my face dry, but found it didn’t stick to the skin, so I wet my face gently first before applying.

Now application can be messy! There was excess coffee fall out from my face so when applying – do so in the bath or in your bathroom because this would not be great on a carpet! With that being said the actual formula is obviously really fine which makes exfoliating really thorough. The product is able to get right into your pores which I was really impressed with. I do like a harsh exfoliant & I wouldn’t say this product was harsh enough for my body  personally but it is perfect for your face. You never want anything too harsh for your face when it comes to exfoliating as you can cause wrinkles & sagging – & NO ONE wants that! After washing the product off my skin was really soft & I did feel really happy with the glow the exfoliating gave me.


I can imagine you can get lots of applications out of one packet which is great but it would be good if the packaging was easier to reseal – I may empty mine into a Kilner Jar to keep it fresh & prevent any mess!

Overall I would definitely recommend this scrub as a facial exfoliating product. It’s formula is great for hard to clean areas & is gritty enough to clean out pores & to leave your skin looking clean & feeling soft.

The Royal Coffee Scrub comes in bags of 200g for £9.95. Shop by clicking here

Happy Scrubbing!

With Love,

Hayley x

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