Happy 2016! Resolutions VS Life Changers!

A new year!

How an earth is it January already?

Where did the time go?

Every January tons of people sign up to the gym, start dieting, try to banish bad habits, quite smoking…the list goes on, & for some reason the mentality is that all of those things can only be fought off in January – the new year, the new start. I can honestly say that for the last few years I have fallen into the trap of feeling like only in the new year can the new, healthier, more productive version of me be re-born, & with that said, come February I’m back in a relationship with carbs & prosecco!

2015 was somewhat different. I realised that these impulsive, mammoth new year changes had to come from a real, deep want to become a healthier/more productive version of YOU & the transition was a slow, steady process & a total lifestyle & mindset change. I started training with my personal trainer Claire who really taught me that the process of losing weight & becoming healthier was a real gradual process that involved a lot of patience & soul searching. You really need to invest in yourself & learn the in’s & out’s of nutrition aswel as the patterns of your own mind, bad habits & addictions!

So…January 2016 I won’t be nibbling celery, shaking from lack of sugar (& prosecco!) I’ll be investing my patience & time into discovering knowledge to aid to a long term, effective way to change for the better, mentally & physically!

Wishing you all the best of mental & physical health for 2016 & thereafter!

With Love,

Hayley x



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