Disney Daydreaming

Disney Daydreams

 It’s Monday. It’s the last day of November. It’s bleak, cold & dull.
Sat on my sofa getting cosy under my throw, I felt huge nostalgia when realising it was just over a whole year ago that I was at the happiest place on earth in Orlando, Florida.
I grew up with the magic of Disney.

Disney was the epitome of my childhood. I was lucky enough to spend holidays at Disney & my first trip to Walt Disney World was as a very excited 6 year old.

When I got the opportunity to return to Orlando last summer, I knew I couldn’t say no. I felt like I was coming home…

Disney for me is so much deeper than childhood fantasy. What Walt Disney created has touched the lives of everyone, young & old offering escapes in in the most magical way! Even my two cats were named with Disney in mind! Bella (Beauty & The Beast) & Cleo (Pinocchio)

Bella with her Dumbo


Disney is something everyone can relate to no matter age, race or circumstance, Disney teaches us that anything is possible if we just dare to dream.

Walking through Main Street & seeing the castle sent shivers down my spine.

  I looked around & saw couples celebrating their honeymoon, couples in their 80’s enjoying their 50th visit, babies on their 1st visit & all fuelled on excitement & happiness, leaving all sense of negativity behind those gates…everyone is just immersed in the magic of Disney.

I had the most amazing week. I cried & laughed & at 25 I can honestly say I can’t wait to go back – I don’t think that feeling will ever fade!

Disney is eternal!
A week was so not long enough, & had I not had a Guest Pass, I wouldn’t of been able to fit everything in, so if your heading over to Orlando, make sure you give yourself atleast 10-14 days!
It was so difficult to come home without hundreds & hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise but what I did get, were really precious items to hold memories that last forever.

One of my favourites is a huge painting I purchased from Downtown Disney in one of the Art Galleries…

I loved how stunning this piece was & it holds a really sentimental meaning as Ariel was one of my favourite Disney Princess’ when I was growing up. There are home videos of me in the sea on holidays pretending to be Ariel (& giving roll of Ursula to the less fortunate!)

So basically, the point of this post was merely to reminisce & reflect on the magic & love of Disney on this really dull Monday.

In a world of hate & fear, Walt Disney really has blessed us with the gift of escapism to The Happiest Place on Earth, where everyone can believe in pixie dust & the power of wishing upon a star…

With Love,

Hayley X


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