Love & Light

As I am sat here, on my comfy bed in my beautiful home, surrounded by my lovely cats & gorgeous ‘things’, I can’t help but think of those less fortunate who have had their lives completely torn apart this week. 

My Sunday seems very irrelevant.

I don’t want to get into the politics or my views on ‘terrorism’ but I do want to send love & light to all those effected by the recent events not only in Paris, but Africa, Syria & the rest of world.

Love & light to Muslims who have nothing but peace in their hearts yet are effected by prejudice & ignorance. 

Extremism is the problem but what is the cause? 

My thoughts are with everyone struggling with today’s world. My hope is that one day we can really heal the world & come together to fight for truth.

Have a peaceful Sunday surrounded by your loved ones, but at the back of your mind please spare a minute for gratitude of the life you have.

With Love,

Hayley X 



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